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Yesterday, a really big truck with a long blue tail coiled on its back came to the park.  Today there are sidewalks for people to stand on.  Sometimes they stand on the dirt instead.
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Today a man painted a line on the ground near the bocce court.  The orange diggy truck dug a ditch there, and then people put in fat pipes and burried them.  They stick up above the ground a little.

There's a new diggy truck who is green and very small.  It must be very young; it has a man who walks behind it and tells it what to do.

The forklift truck got dirt from the dump truck and spread it around neatly.
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Filling in holes is harder than digging holes.  I think they're planting lamp posts.
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Today the men buffed the new stairs while the orange truck dug near the wall. The yellow truck went away to make make big holes somewhere else; it doesn't think digging straight lines is fun.


Aug. 23rd, 2011 07:21 am
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Once the big hole was filled in some, men put boards between the handrails so that they look like bleachers. Then the forklift truck picked up some gravel with its diggy part and brought it to the handrails.
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Today a man drew a pink line in the dirt near the edge of the bocce court. The orange diggy truck dug a hole following the line.
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When the concrete was almost dry, the yellow dog came with his person to take down the wooden house that the cement was in. Now there are two big cement railings in a deep hole.


Aug. 19th, 2011 07:31 am
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The pipes truck brought some pretty blue pipes. The orange diggy truck started right in digging holes for them. I guess that's what orange diggy trucks do.
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On Saturdays, the diggy trucks sleep in.  Then the squirrels can come visit their trees.  There are two trees missing, but that's not so bad.

Yesterday the man with the tripod came, and a cement mixer!  The big yellow truck had to be very careful to make the hole the right size for the cement mixer.

There's a new truck that's orange and medium sized, but it doesn't look like it's doing anything.  Maybe it's a supervisor truck.
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The diggy truck who can turn into a forklift put broken concrete in the dump truck today.  Empty dump trucks are very loud when you drop concrete in them.

The medium sized white truck is a concretepecker.  It breaks the concrete for the forklift diggy truck to move.  It is loud too, but not as loud as an empty dump truck.

The man in the gray shirt likes to stand on the forklift diggy truck.
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Diggy trucks don't mind being wet and muddy.  The big yellow truck likes to nap in the mud puddle under the trees.  It made big piles of dirt by the ramp so that the rain wouldn't wash away the soil.
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This morning, the diggy trucks woke up and decided it was too wet for digging.  So the dumptruck filling truck turned itself into a fork lift and is moving palettes of bricks.


Aug. 5th, 2011 01:12 pm
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I finally bothered to look up the plans for the park they're demolishing across the street.  We're going to have a bocce court!

I think the lawns with boulders will be terrible to maintain, and I'm not sure the yoga/tai chi area will be more useful to the pushups and lunges crowd than the tennis court, but I'm glad they're ending with less paving than they started with.  Perhaps they learned something from the floods a few years back.


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